Our free Lightroom presets work with lightroom 5, 6 and CC.  100% free.  No purchase necessary.

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Free Lightroom presets“It has been a very pleasant experience working with Photographic Elements. They are truly professional, experienced, caring and skilled. We are confident in recommending their wonderful products to anyone and to any photographer.” Gina Ooi Photography
logoFORshootproof“Hi. I just purchased the Lightroom brushes and already LOVE them.” Amanda Andrews Photography
soniaHi Chris, I found you on facebook, and I bought your package of brushes for Lightroom. It was my first time that I buy something like that. Usually I make my own brush adjustments picture by picture. I didn’t have any preset in Lightroom before.I just want to tell you that i’m in love with yours. I tried some and i really love the result!!!! It’s very easy to work with your Lightroom brushes! Thank you so much and have a nice weekend! From a happy customer!!!!!
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Howdy! My name is Chris Parker & I’m THE designer here at Photographic Elements….

In case we’ve never met; I’m married to my best friend and the love of my life (Tammy). Plus a proud father of two.   My design and photographic career began in 1990. Couldn’t decide on graphic design or photography so I did both! I started Photographic Elements, in 2005, to help my friends grow their photography business.

Helping photographers spend less time in front of their computers and having more time for family is my new passion. Plus, I’m the only designer (that I know of) that offers a 30 day money back guarantee! Your going to love our templates. Guaranteed.

Info About Our Free Lightroom Presets and More…

Over 10,000 photographers have downloaded our free Lightroom presets!  Plus, 1,400 have shared this page with others (via the social sharing buttons on the left).  Thank you to all that have shared these freebies!  Every few weeks we change the 5 free Lightroom presets available for download on this page.  So, bookmark and checkbook often.

We are often called out by photographers that say our free Lightroom presets are NOT free.  This could not be further from the truth!  Once you click on the “download” button you will be provided with a pop up form.  We ask that you provide us with your name and an email address.  We need this to send you the email with the download link.  Your information is safe with us and we do not share (or sell) the information.  Nor do we spam our subscribers (we follow CanSpam 100%).  Once filled out, an email will be sent immediately.  Depending on your e-mail service providers spam filtering and/or your personal spam filters, it could take 10-15 minutes (sometimes sooner) for our email to arrive.  Please understand that this is out of our control.  Also, the email may never arrive because your email service provider blocked our email.  This could be due for a couple of reasons.  1. sometimes we receive emails that were entered wrong  2. Email service providers scan all incoming emails (to their servers) and process them with spam filters.

If they consider our email to be spam or malicious in anyway, it will never reach your inbox.  Even though you requested our 5 free Lightroom presets!  Please understand, this is out of our control.  On average, 30% of emails never make it to the intended mailbox!  Again, out of our control  (also, do you use email for your business?  If so, you may not even be aware that this is effecting your business too).  If our email doesn’t arrive after 15 minutes then please contact us through our support page or through our Facebook page.

We want you to receive our free Lightroom presets!  It only makes good business sense.  After all, if we provide you with what you requested, in a timely manner, chances are you will remember us in the future (and possibly refer us too – please and thank you!).  You may even decide to do business with us.  All because we delivered on our promise to give you free Lightroom presets.  65% of photographers will receive the free presets within 5 minutes.  The rest will take a little longer.  Or you may have to contact us via other means (as mentioned previously) to receive them.  Either way, we will go above and beyond to make sure you receive the 5 free Lightroom presets!  Guaranteed.  Not doing so means we’ve lost your trust and you’ll never come back (or even refer us!).  Which is not good business.

We also provide resources to help you with your free Lightroom presets.  New to Lightroom and don’t know how to install the free presets?  Then check out our written instructions or our 2 minute install video tutorial.  Also, make sure to check out our blog for additional Lightroom tutorials.  New tutorials are added all the time.  Also, check out this Lightroom tutorial showing how to use our free Lightroom presets from the “Fall Collection” (I demonstrate how to use the presets with gradients).

Are you new to Lightroom and wish to master the software?  I’ve put together a complete mastery course on Lightroom CC (plus Lightroom 6).  The Lightroom CC tutorials I’ve put together explain everything you need to know about Lightroom.  Each lesson is broken down into 3-5 minutes video tutorials (about 5% are longer).  Learn at your own pace and have lifetime access.  Find out more.

I’m going to share a little secret with you.  I’m in the process of developing the largest resource of free Lightroom presets.  How many?  My goal is to provide 1,000 free presets!  I’ve already begun to accumulate hundreds of free presets from around the world.  These Lightroom presets are developed and provided by other artists.  The page is currently in progress and published.  However, keep in mind, I have yet to add all the available resources for the free Lightroom presets.  Do you or someone you know offer free presets?  If so, please contact us through our support page if you would like them added to our free resources page.

Do you love our free presets?  If so, let us know in the comments below.  I’d even love to see some of your before and after photos!  Post them on our Facebook wall.  You can even link back to your own Facebook page for increased exposure.   (This is monitored though.  So, please don’t take advantage of this if your a competitor or not using our presets for your photography business.  We will delete and report you as a spammer. )  If you post on our wall, please provide the name of the preset you used.  My favorite before and afters will be posted on our page too (for added exposure).